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Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles, great, but what about the Power Stations?

Electric vehicles (EV’s) can be great because they don’t generate any exhaust gasses but it isn’t as simple as that, we also need to think about where the electricity comes from – if the electricity that you are using to charge your EV is generated at a coal or gas fired power station then we are simply moving the problem to a different place i.e. from the car exhaust to the chimney on the power station. So in addition to us all converting to electric cars we also need to think about changing the way our electricity is generated. We can do our bit at home by installing solar panels (as Tesni do on all our new homes) but as a society we also need to ensure that more of our electricity is generated from renewable sources like Wind and Hydro. We can encourage this by switching to an electricity supplier who only supplies renewable energy. Hopefully as demand increases we will see a greater proportion of our energy coming from renewable sources and at Tesni we will keep doing our bit by putting solar panels on all our homes.