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MVHR – What is it and why have it?

MVHR stands for Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery. New homes are made very air tight, this avoids unwanted draughts and energy loss however it is very important that homes are well ventilated in a controlled way to ensure that moisture doesn’t build up which could lead to issues with condensation and mould. We have all seen the extractor fans that are commonly fitted in kitchens and bathrooms – these simply extract moist air from the room and send it outside. These basic extractor fans rely on the trickle vents on windows being left open however householders commonly close these vents because they are draughty. MVHR is much more sophisticated, it not only extracts the stale moist air from the kitchens and bathrooms but it also brings in fresh air from outside though a duct to replace the stale air. Not only that but the MVHR unit extracts the heat from the stale air and uses that heat to warm up (when necessary) the fresh air being brought in to the house. So MVHR ensures that your home is ventilated, always filled with lovely fresh air even when all the windows and vents are closed and it also prevents energy being wasted in winter.