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Solar Panels

Solar Panels – Why have them?

Even in the dreary British climate solar panels generate lots of ‘clean’ electricity by converting light from the sun in to electricity. Every kilowatt of electricity generated by our solar panels means that we don’t have to import electricity from the Grid. Electricity from the grid is generated from lots of different sources some of which are harmful for the environment because of pollution, emissions and CO2 – leading to global warming and also health issues. In the UK our electricity predominantly comes from a mix of Coal and Gas (fossil fuels), Nuclear, Wind and Bioenergy. Tesni have been involved with the development and construction of lots of wind farms in the UK and we believe that wind energy has a valuable contribution to make to help keep our electricity supply clean. By putting solar panels on all our new homes Tesni are also helping to reduce the amount of electricity that needs to be generated from fossil fuels and Nuclear. This also helps to reduce your monthly bills because your solar energy is free!